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Promotional videos are a powerful way to build your brand identity, expand your reach and ultimately bring in more customers. 

We specialise in creating professional promotional videos designed to deliver the right message and attract your ideal customers and clients.
Case Study Client: Richard Budd Photography
Business: Professional Photographer

Brief: To create a behind the scenes video of a photo shoot for I.O. Shen Knives.  

Case Study Client: Knights Round Pen 
Business: Manufacture and retail of portable steel horse enclosures 

Brief: To design and film a promotional video that clearly defines specific product considerations to potential customers.

Testimonial: "We are so pleased with the effect our promotional video has had for our business. Our customers now have a clear insight to our product, its development and most importantly, it allowed us to present ourselves, a fundamental part of our business. Customers have commented on how confident they feel placing orders via the internet, by having this information, They feel they know us and can trust us and our product . An excellent service. "
Josephine Sellers - Company Director
Case Study Client:  Meyers
Business: Estate Agents

Brief: To design and film a set of four promotional company videos including site introduction with business owner and three customer testimonial videos discussing ease of service, what customers are looking for and how Meyers meet those client needs.

Testimonial: “Shawn is extremely personable and extremely professional. Shawn created a fantastic set of videos for our firm that fully lived up to our expectations and even surpassed them. Shawn made the whole process simple, quick and enjoyable.” - Mark Meyer - Director - Meyers (Estate Agents)
Client: Dorchester Arts and DT2 Productions.
Business: Arts center and theatre production company

Brief: Create a fast paced trailer for the play Kinetics using existing show footage of the play  and footage of free runners and splice them together to provided music. 

Testimonial: "Dorchester Arts has worked with Shawn on a wide range of events, from the filming of an entire four day festival, through the shooting of a one-off performance to the editing of a theatrical trailer. The results have been consistently excellent – the quality of filming, the ability to work with artists and performers, the creative input to the editing process, and the ability to deliver on time and on budget."  - Mark Tattersall - Artistic Director - Dorchester Arts

Client: Sue Wylie - DT2 Productions.
Business: Theatre production company

Brief: Create a promotional video to be used as part of an Indiegogo crowdfunder campaign.

Testimonial: "I have used Shawn on several occasions most particularly for creating two trailers for my play, Kinetics.
I've been absolutely delighted with the results each time. With not much material to work with he has conjured a great trailer for us which many people are commenting on. He has helped with the music choices and gone to great lengths to make sure the product is of the highest quality.
I would have no hesitation in recommending him."
Sue Wylie - Artistic Director  - DT2Productions
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